Stay trendy with sporty and casual modern hoodies


In terms of clothing, hoodies are real evergreens and have been popular among children, adolescents, and adults of almost all ages for decades. Invented in the 1930s, hoodies have become an integral part of the fashion world without which sports and leisure wear would not be the same. Hoodies can be worn on countless occasions, be it as mountain sports wear, on trekking tours, or as comfortable leisure sweaters. You can also wear them instead of a jacket when temperatures are mild.

No matter if you wear them for sports or as leisure wear, hoodies are sporty and casual. Exactly the right thing for dynamic outdoor enthusiasts! Thanks to their cool design, hoodies are always an eye-catcher and quite sturdy as well. Sharp rocks are not too much of a problem, which makes your hoody fit for climbing, too. Hoodies are slightly protected against wind and weather as you can tighten the hood with a drawstring. Moreover, your neck is perfectly protected against draft thanks to the hood.

Hoodies are also an integral part of any spare time outfit. When the days turn rainy and uncomfortable, there is nothing better than snuggling into a warm hoody in front of a fireplace. But your living room is not the only place where hoodies score. They can also be worn as stylish, cool everyday wear.

Which one of all these hoodies should I choose?

Since hoodies are so versatile and popular, there is a considerably wide range of designs. Among the many variations, there is a hoodie for almost every demand. However, you should be aware of the most important characteristics a hoody should have. Generally speaking, it should keep your body warm, fit comfortably, and provide you with as much freedom of movement as possible. If these requirements are met, you can think about your personal preferences: What is important to me?

Am I looking for a feel-good sweater for home use? Then you could choose a cotton hoody with a slightly rough inner surface, which feels particularly cozy. There many different designs, from rather simple sports hoodies to funky and unique cuts. Anything your heart desires is available. Kangaroo pockets with side openings are perfect for ‘defrosting' your hands after climbing all day. Some models also have thumb holes in their sleeve cuffs, others come with front zippers. The broad selection of hoodies has something for everyone.

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