Traditional and modern Norwegian jumpers

Norwegian jumpers

A traditional lusekofte, or Norwegian jumper, is a knitted jumper that has a specific colour pattern, usually consisting of two or a maximum of three colours. The tradition of Norwegian jumper dates back to the middle of the 19th century and originates from southern Norway.

From its origins as a handcrafted wool jumper for everyday wear and work, the Norwegian jumper also developed into an identity-defining garment in the cities. So a jumper for Norwegians became a Norwegian jumper for the whole world. The classic patterns and materials were expanded and supplemented, so that many winter jumpers and Christmas jumpers are now called Norwegian jumpers.

Classic Norwegian jumpers for men, women and kids

Originally, Norwegian jumpers were only black and white and were primarily worn by men. Later, Norwegians usually added red as a third colour to their jumpers. Over the years, more and more colours and colour combinations were added. Traditionally made Norwegian jumpers for women, men and kids, however, are still limited to a rather subtle selection of colours and patterns nowadays.

Not every modern Norwegian jumper is made in Norway. Different types of wool and Merino wool are made into Norwegian jumpers in different parts of the world. They are characterised by pleasant warmth, they are odour-resistant and they will keep you warm even when damp.

Warm winter jumpers and colourful Christmas jumpers

Not every Christmas jumper with reindeer and snowflakes is also a Norwegian jumper. Norwegian jumpers for women and Norwegian jumpers for men are not decorated with special images, symbols or motifs, but are made according to classic knitting patterns.

Outdoor companies, such as Dale of Norway or Devold, like to use classic patterns in the production of functional Norwegian jumpers made of Merino wool and combine them with their own fashionable accents. The result is modern Norwegian jumpers that stylishly take the demands of modern clothing for trekking tours, winter hikes and skiing to a new level with classic elegance.

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