Jumpers are comfortable, versatile, and suit any occasion


A good jumper fits any purpose. Be it for hiking, climbing, for work, or as comfortable casual wear, sporty modern sweaters are always a great choice. Sweaters are an integral part of the modern fashion world and have been for decades. Invented in the 1950s, jumpers have been a quite popular and versatile piece of clothing for a long time. Despite or maybe even due to their sporty and leisure character, jumpers have become fashionable everyday wear. Their many positive characteristics have made jumpers popular as outdoor wear as well.

What can you expect of a good jumper?

In order to be referred to as good outdoor wear, a jumper must meet certain requirements. Its insulation capacities are of course the most important aspect. Who needs a jumper that doesn't keep you warm? Moreover, it should be comfortable to wear and allow you to move freely. Especially when it comes to climbing, freedom of movement is extremely important.

Which types of sweaters are suitable for outdoor sports?

When temperatures are mild, hoodies serve as a substitute for outdoor jackets. The hood can be pulled tight by means of a drawstring, which will slightly protect you from uncomfortable weather. The hood also protects your neck from cold draft.

When temperatures drop below zero, fleece jumpers keep you warm. But fleece doesn't only have an outstanding thermal performance, it also makes the jumper breathable. Therefore, sweat can escape without an uncomfortable feeling, and your body is protected from overheating.

Merino jumpers are made of the merino sheep's ‘miracle wool'. Merino jumpers are very fine, breathable, and they keep you nice and warm. And if you really start sweating on an outdoor trip, the quickly drying and odour-neutral merino fibers solve the problem. Sweaters with merino fibers on the inside and fleece on the outside combine all the advantages of both fabrics.

Of course there are also many other jumpers just as suitable for outdoor activities. In the end, your choice depends on your personal taste and preferences. All that matters is that a sporty and comfortable jumper is never a bad idea!

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