Perfect in changing weather conditions: Softshell jumpers

Softshell Jumpers

The term ‘softshell' includes a wide range of different types of functional textiles. Whether it's gloves, beanies, jackets, trousers or even shoes - there's softshell everywhere. And rightly so! The elastic fabric is both very weatherproof and very breathable. Products made of this material are best for sports and activities in changing weather conditions. As long as no heavy rain is expected, softshells offer the best protection against wind and rain.
Here you really need a softshell jumper. They are light, have a small pack size and are ideally suited as an outer layer for trips where you can do without a jacket with a full zipper. It can also be used as a warm mid-layer. There's no limits to the uses of softshell jumpers - if it's a sweaty climb or just for everyday life.

Features of softshell jumpers

A softshell pullover is generally wind and water resistant, elastic and hardly rustles at all. Depending on the material, it also offers a degree of warmth and is thinner or very abrasion-resistant. This depends on whether there's a fleece lining or not and whether the outer material is rough or soft to the touch.
And the membrane plays a role. There are softshell pullovers with and without membranes. While the former offers particularly good protection against wind and rain, the membrane-free softshell has increased moisture flow.

Features of softshell jumpers

Most softshell jumpers are equipped with elastic cuffs and a drawstring hem. So they can be worn well under a hardshell (waterproof jacket). Depending on the model, there may or may not be a hood. These should be adjusted for better weather protection and, if necessary, helmet-compatible.
In addition, there is usually one or more breast pockets for everything you need (snacks, mobile phone) and / or pockets on the side of the softshell pullover.
The zipper on the collar ensures ventilation and relives constriction.

Fit of softshell jumpers

Almost all softshell jumpers have an athletic cut, so they're not too loose or too tight. If you're just wearing a shirt underneath, then you can choose a smaller sweater or a larger one if it's used as an outer layer.

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