Good grip to the rock with your chalk bag

Chalk Bags

Moist and sweaty hands are a problem each sports climber has encountered in summer temperatures. For a good grip to the rock, chalk bags should be a part of the equipment of all climbers. Inside the chalk bag you can keep magnesium carbonate powder, or to put it simply: chalk, which will dry your hands and ensure a safe grip while you are climbing. Chalk bags are fastened to the rear of the climbing harness at hip level so you can reach it with both hands. On challenging routes each grip must fit perfectly.

Premium chalk bags - what should they have?

You can get chalk bags in all designs, dimensions and colors - but which one is right for you? A chalk bag should be small-sized and easy to handle. In any case it should not disturb you in your climbing activities. The opening should be large enough for you to reach into it easily. For this reason many chalk bags have reinforced openings. The outside material of your chalk bag should be water-repellent, so the bag is protected against splashes of water. Apart from that your chalk bag should have a water-proof closure. This way dirt and moisture cannot reach the chalk so it can stay loose and dry. On the other hand it prevents the chalk from leaking - for instance at home or while transporting it.

Chalk bags and their handy details

Some designs have additional bags with zippers in which you can store small items, such as keys, change or a mobile phone. Many chalk bags also have holders for bouldering brushes. Bouldering brushes help you to clean handles from dust and dirt. Selecting a color is of course a matter of personal taste: From plain to colorful patterns - everything is available. There is a great choice of chalk bags, so every climber and boulderer will find something that suits him.

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