Climbing shorts for indoor and outdoor climbing.

Climbing Shorts

Comfortable climbing shorts from Mammut, La Sportiva or Ortovox make climbing easy and fun. Regardless of whether it's in the climbing gym or outside on the rocks - when the temperatures rise, most climbers will switch from long climbing trousers to climbing shorts. These short climbing trousers guarantee perfect ventilation, high mobility and optimum performance while climbing or bouldering.

Generally, there are no specific climbing shorts for outdoor or indoor climbing. Climbing trousers must be robust and breathable for both areas of use. Comfortable cuts and stretchable materials ensure very good freedom of movement during climbing. To this end, the materials used are similar to those employed in outdoor shorts, hiking shorts or MTB shorts. An optimal fit is the most important features of any climbing trousers to ensure perfect comfort while climbing vertical walls.

Elastic functional shorts for climbers.

A special blend of cotton and various synthetic fibres ensure that climbing shorts provide the necessary mix of good fit, stretch and longevity. Some shorts for climbers are made entirely of synthetic fibres instead, though. This ensures that these short climbing trousers will dry very quickly; a real advantage while canyoning or deep water soloing.

Unlike boulder shorts, climbing shorts are of course worn underneath a climbing harness. To allow for this, the design of the trousers is also optimised for wearing climbing harnesses. Seems, buttons and zips are arranged to ensure that they can not create uncomfortable pressure points underneath the climbing harness. Pockets are placed to be easily reachable while climbing. This means good climbing shorts are as essential for climbing as carabiners, climbing rope and climbing shoes.

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