The outdoor watch - a robust helper for your wrist

Outdoor Watches

The days when robust chronographs were the best available outdoor watches have long passed. Contemporary outdoor watches from manufacturers such as Suunto and Highgear are little computers for your wrist. Aside from their many timekeeping functions such as countdown and stopwatch, many models have additional functions. These include altimeters and compasses. There are even multi-function watches with GPS.

Because of their functions, outdoor watches are very helpful for navigating and planning a mountain tour.

Barometers for altimetry and weather forecasting

With barometers, many outdoor watches make it possible to measure the altitude at a given location. The barometer functions on the basis of air pressure changes. This makes it possible to forecast a change in weather long before the wind and clouds appear. That's a real benefit to security!

Compasses for supporting orientation

Some outdoor watches also have a compass. The digital compass is very helpful for orientation. Many models with a compass also come with a rotating display ring for navigation.

Outdoor watches with GPS receivers

GPS watches go a step further. They display velocity in real time and help with distance measurement. They offer numerous other functions that help with finding routes.

Outdoor watches as sports computers

Some outdoor watches even come with a heart rate monitor. With that, they can be used as sports computers. They provide information on your current heart rate and warn you when it passes configured limits.

Outdoor watches - a robust and versatile helper for all ambitious mountaineers!

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