Kids' backpacks for young children and teens

Kids' backpacks

As early as kindergarten age, toddlers can carry their own first backpack. A kindergarten backpack offers about three to five litres of storage space and is equipped with easy-to-use zips. Vibrant colours and pretty patterns with child-friendly motifs and padded shoulder straps are perfect for storing a jacket, drink and toys.

As the kids grow, so do the backpacks. In addition to special school backpacks with practical storage options, backpack companies such as Deuter, Osprey or Burton also offer kids' daypacks for hillwalking, leisure and sports for older kids and teenagers, as well as larger walking backpacks for kids.

Kids' backpacks for girls and boys

Unlike backpacks for women and men, kids' backpacks do not have different back lengths and strap shapes for boys and girls. However, there are differences in terms of colours and designs.

While a kids' backpack for boys is sometimes printed and decorated with typical motifs for boys, there are also kids' backpacks for girls with classic designs for girls. However, most kids' backpacks are kept neutral in this respect and both girls and boys will be happy to wear any backpack.

Robust kids' backpacks with practical details

Backpacks for kids must be robust, easy to clean and functional. Robust materials and solid workmanship are guaranteed with kids' backpacks from renowned outdoor outfitters. This makes backpacks ideal for child-friendly everyday wear.

In addition to carrying handles, side mesh pockets and fastening straps, many backpack companies equip their backpacks for boys and girls with highly visible reflectors so that kids can be seen in road traffic. Kids will also love the fun accessories, such as small stuffed animals, magnifying glasses or extra pockets.

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