Backpack accessories and replacement parts

Hiking backpacks, walking backpacks and ski touring backpacks feature adaptable carrying systems, good ventilation and intelligent designs, along with practical additional compartments. With the right backpack accessories, your daypacks and mountaineering backpacks can be adapted even further to your personal needs.

The range extends from rain covers that universally fit all backpacks, to special carrying straps and inner pockets that fit your specific backpack system. Basic spare parts for backpacks are also essential to carry with you on long tours, such as matching clasps or strap buckles.

Additional pockets and rain protection for backpacks

Separate pockets for important accessories, or even for use as drink holders, can be attached to your backpack's strap or to the hip belt with hook-and-loop fasteners or their own straps. Camera bags for compact cameras and DSLRs can also be attached to the belt system so that they're always within easy reach and you don't have to put your backpack down every time you want to take a photo.

Even if backpacks already have weatherproof coatings, a rain cover is highly recommended as protection against rain, wetness and dirt. Many backpacks are already equipped with an integrated rain cover, but there are also rain covers as accessories available in all sizes - for children's backpacks to huge travel backpacks. In addition to a rain cover, trekking umbrellas are also a great way to keep your backpack and carrying system dry.

Backpack buckles and other spare parts

Buckles on high-quality hiking and walking backpacks are made of very sturdy plastic. However, these buckles and zips can sometimes break off when they undergo extreme stress. Ladder buckles and side release buckles are available as replacements for backpack buckles in all common sizes. As some buckles are sewn into the fabric in such a way that they are difficult to replace, there are special replacements with screwable metal pins in the buckles. This means that they can also be fastened onto firmly sewn belt loops in no time at all.

In addition, extra compression straps are very practical for outdoor and travel backpacks. With an extra strap buckle, additional luggage, such as a sleeping mat, tent or climbing rope, can also be securely fastened to your climbing or mountaineering backpack. Small travel locks that secure the zips of your backpack against unauthorised access prove particularly helpful when travelling (and in big cities) due to their deterrent effect.

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