A small backpack that’s perfect for day trips


The most important part of your hill walking gear is your backpack. Not only does it contain your extra clothes, but also the rest of your gear and food. A daypack is a great option if you’re going on a one-day hill walk, climb or ski tour because it offers a sufficient amount of space for a one-day adventure.

You can fit your equipment for your day trip in a daypack

There are daypacks on the market made for every type of sport. However, daypacks defer from mountaineering backpacks in their weight and function. Daypacks are significantly lighter and more compact, and they're specially designed for day trips and shorter alpine activities. These are often used in addition to large backpacks on longer trips and they provide enough space for everything you need for a day out in the mountains. Daypacks come in different sizes, but they typically have a 10 to 30-litre volume. Some models can even be increased by a further 5 to 10 litres by using the adjustable backpack lid. In addition, almost all daypacks have an inside compartment in which you can add a hydration system, so you won’t need to take the backpack off when you need to drink. The hose of the hydration system can go through the front via an opening in the back section, so it’ll remain accessible whilst walking. In addition, small backpacks have many other functional features, such as attachments for a helmet, an ice axe or walking poles.

Daypacks are great for every adventure

When carrying a daypack that’s designed to perfectly fit your ergonomic needs, that's lightweight and that offers a wide range of motion, then you’ll hardly notice you’re even carrying a backpack. When packing your valuables in an efficient way, the weight of the contents will be distributed to your hips and won’t push down on your shoulders. Plus, a daypack can even protect you whilst cold winds are blowing from the back or when you fall. Surprisingly, some daypacks are equipped with a back protector to offer additional security on ski tours.

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