On grand tour with the right trekking clothes

Walking & Trekking Clothes

For trekking trips of multiple days away from civilisation, you not only need the right trekking equipment, but also reliable and suitable clothing. That's why we have compiled a small overview for anyone who wants to pack their tent, camping stove and camping backpack and go on a grand tour.

  • Trekking boots - Waterproof, sturdy and comfortable trekking boots are an indispensable item on every trekking tour.
  • Trekking trousers - These should be light yet strong, and resistant to water or at least quick-drying. Elastic inserts make walking more comfortable and reinforcements at the knees and seat make the trousers extremely durable. Zip trousers can be instantly converted into trekking shorts in the summer, saving you space in your camping backpack.
  • Trekking socks - Trekking boots and walking socks must be a good fit for each other. Well-padded and long, merino socks provide optimum comfort inside your boots.
  • Trekking jackets - A trekking jacket is one of the most important components in a layering system. It forms the weatherproof outer layer and provides protection from passing showers and strong winds. High-quality trekking jackets from Patagonia, Haglöfs or Bergans are adapted to the conditions encountered while walking, with comfortable hoods, spacious pockets and individually adjustable features.
  • Trekking shirts - A breathable trekking shirt is a useful layering component.
  • Walking & Trekking Clothes
  • Trekking underwear - Functional T-shirts, long sleeve shirts and underpants made of functional synthetic fibre or merino wool guarantee a comfortable temperature against the skin and excellent breathability. Merino undergarments are almost completely odourless and therefore extremely suitable for multi-day tours in the wilderness.
  • Trekking poles - Many hikers on multi-day tours are equipped with trekking poles to help them walk on terrain with large trekking backpacks and to effectively support forward movement with the arms.
  • Trekking gloves - In low temperatures and cold winds, walking gloves are ideal for keeping hands and fingers warm. Their thin palms, however, help you retain a good grasp on your walking poles.
  • Beanies - While there are no special walking hats, a warm beanie is still an important part of every trekking outfit to protect against the cold and wind. However, there are caps available with integrated mosquito nets or fold-down neck protectors, which are specially designed for hiking in certain regions.
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