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more sustainable together
Shop consciously
more sustainable together
Shopping more responsibly? It can be done! After all, especially in the outdoor industry, more and more brands are setting out to produce their products in the most resource and climate-friendly way possible, paying attention to high standards of social responsibility along the entire value chain. Of course, as retailers, we also have to play our part here. That's why you'll find detailed product information and useful tools in our online shop to help you make a more socially conscious and informed purchasing decision.

Find out more about how we can make online shopping more sustainable together. #bettertogether

Shop Consciously filter

Are you looking for a product that is produced as sustainably as possible? Then use the “Shop consciously" filter in our online shop. With this feature, you can quickly and transparently see which products have sustainable qualities. These include, for example, certified-down products or products that bear the bluesign label. Essentially, you can use the filter to find products that meet a high level of social, environmental or animal welfare standards. Our goal is to provide you with trustworthy information to help you make a more sustainable purchasing decision. That is why we primarily show officially recognised labels and certificates in our filter. Learn more about the individual filters here.
"If these basic requirements are met, then certified labels can be cleverly integrated into the purchasing decision process. They are then an important tool for deciding which products are worth considering or which brands are in line with your own ethical and moral values."

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We are part of the Fur Free Retailer Program

Guaranteed fur-free shopping - we have made a written commitment to this by joining the Fur Free Retailer Program. In doing so, we want to send a strong signal for greater animal welfare in the textile industry while emphasising our consistent renunciation of products made with real fur.
The Fur Free Retailer Program is an initiative of the Fur Free Alliance, an association of around 50 international animal welfare and environmental protection organisations. In Germany, the Fur Free Retailer Program is represented by the animal welfare organisation ""FOUR PAWS"" (VIER PFOTEN - Stiftung für Tierschutz). You can find more information about the Fur Free Retailer Program here.
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Buyer’s guide

Are you planning on purchasing new outdoor clothing or equipment? Then make a conscious and informed decision. In addition to detailed product information and helpful reviews from other customers, you will find other useful tools in our shop, such as detailed buying guides for numerous categories or calculators to determine, for example, your climbing shoe size or the optimal length of your walking poles.

Do you still have questions or are not quite sure about something? Then please contact our custumer service. Our staff are real outdoor enthusiasts and experts and are there to help and offer advice.

Repair & care

The soles of your favourite walking boots no longer have much tread left? Your down jacket has a small hole? And your bike has a flat tyre? The memory of great outdoor experiences leaves its mark on clothing and equipment. But small damages are no reason to throw away your favourite product. You can often fix it yourself. This is good for the environment and for your wallet. According to a study by the English organisation WRAP, extending the useful life of clothing by nine months leads to a reduction of the CO2, water and waste footprint by 20 to 30 per cent. Therefore, our motto is: repair instead of repurchase. It is also important to take good care of your outdoor equipment so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible. While premium outdoor clothing and equipment is tough, it is only through proper and regular washing and care that its high functionality is retained over an extended period of time. This is because excessive dirt can impair the functionality of these products.

Therefore, we have compiled some useful tips on how you can repair minor damage as well as helpful guidelines for proper care.
You can find out more information about our goals and definitive measures regarding sustainability and how we can work together to make online retail more sustainable here.
Do you have questions about sustainability at Alpinetrek? If so, please contact our sustainability team.
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