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The inspirations for Maloja designs


The design team takes inspiration from traditional symbols of times passed. A cockerel here, a heart there or even a few beautiful ethnic symbols beautifully embellish the clothing! These are combined with modern colors and cuts to create a beautiful mixture of old and new. A bit of hippie, a touch of folklore and a pinch of experimentation - that is the Maloja recipe for success! Clothing for mountain biking, hiking, skiing or climbing - Maloja is not just a one trick pony. Some pieces are reminiscent of expedition clothing from the 60s, other of a ski jacket in an 80s design. Newly made in fresh designs, this is what makes up their everyday items of clothing for every age and every activity!

Maloja - incredibly beautiful outdoor fashion with imaginative designs.

The brand Maloja has a classic and, as is it happens a lot in the outdoor world, an inspiring story. What started it all was a photo of a snowboarder standing in an untouched powder snow slope. That was enough to get the founders to go to that beautiful place. To Maloja, a small and sleepy village high up in the Grisons. The day was amazing, the village was still there, the snow was incredible and they decided to form the brand in 2004.
At this time, Maloja established itself as a producer of tasteful clothing for outdoor sports and even more for everyday and casualwear. Almost every cyclist, be it mountain biking or racing, has a piece of clothing from this Chiemsee brand in their wardrobe. It is also no wonder, a their fresh designs and fantastic finish make their cycling pants and jerseys easy favorites!

Beautiful designs with traditional roots

When it comes to cut, Maloja is absolutely modern. The designers really understand how to combine the old with the new. That is how a wool jacket can beautifully incorporate the classic elements of a cardigan, but then also exude plenty of style. That is exactly what makes the brand so unique and so loved by both men and women: Your everyday outdoor chic!


Well equipped for outdoor sports

Beautiful designs are not lost on sports clothing. From beautiful and functional cycling clothes for mountain biking or road cycling to casual, comfortable climbing pants or hiking shorts and shirts! The collections are always new and more stylish, trendy and incredibly beautiful.
Maloja is strongly rooted in cycling. The brand offers plenty of options for real full-blooded cyclists, who hop on the saddle as much as possible every day. Plenty of jeans, shorts and pants have decent, bike friendly details, that make them stand out clearly from the crowd. Comfortable gussets, reflective elements and subtle stretch inserts are all a part of this. The way to the office or to university is made that much more comfortable and the urban style above all is not compromised. This even makes it great to wear in the evenings when taking a stroll around town.

Perfectly dressed all year round

The large Maloja range features the right item of clothing for every occasion, any time of year. What each piece has in common, is that they certainly do not look off the rack and have a very high quality finish! Another pro: Many pieces are Bluesign certified so they are not just beautiful, but also environmentally friendly.
The beautiful ski and snowboard jackets will keep you looking great and warm through the winter. Beautiful casual jackets provide a sporty, casual look every day at home! Maloja has created a number of beautiful, playful pieces specially for women that can quickly become new favorites for everyday wear. This can include a cute blouse, a beautiful skirt or a flowing dress. Each piece with a unique, individual style!
You can of course also get everything you need for your little outdoor adventurers - the kids clothing is also very lovingly made and has just the same high quality finish as the models for mom and dad!

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