Climbing kits, the ideal introduction for beginners

Climbling Kit

If you want to get into rock climbing or indoor climbing, you will find yourself faced with the problem of choosing the right equipment. It takes a lot of research to familiarize yourself with the appropriate equipment. Manufacturers put together climbing sets to make it easier on the beginners. Mammut climbing sets, for example, come with a harness, a HMS carabiner and a belay device. In terms of the belay device you usually get a tube or a figure eight descender. Some manufacturers also include a chalk bag with or without chalk in their climbing kits.

Choosing the right climbing set

Beginners are often overwhelmed by the endless range of climbing products. It's not just the large number of manufacturers, it's the different varieties of climbing harnesses, belay devices, quickdraws, shoes, ropes, backpacks and other accessories that require a lot of research. The search begins when you decide to invest a bit of money in climbing equipment after successfully completing a climbing course. Manufacturers take beginners by the hand with the help of climbing sets. These allow you to purchase the important pieces of climbing gear in one. For indoor climbing the only things they don't include is usually the shoes and the rope. A rock climbing kit or indoor climbing kit is a great first step for any beginner.

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