Go hillwalking with a walking shirt

Walking Shirts

Walking shirts made of functional synthetic fibres are very popular amongst hikers. This is not only because walking shirts look great, but also because the sporty outdoor shirts offer many other practical advantages. Walking shirts are exceptionally airy, highly breathable and fast-drying. Most companies like Fjällräven or Schöffel use strong synthetic fibres or high-quality wool or merino wool in their walking shirts.

This makes the walking shirts extremely comfortable to wear, easy to clean and durable. Unlike conventional shirts, walking shirts are designed for wear with a backpack. The strong material and highly robust seams, combined with backpack-friendly cuts and seams, provide ideal comfort when wearing a backpack while hillwalking and trekking.

Hiking shirts with many practical details

In addition to high-quality materials and an exceptional finish, many hiking shirts are also odourless and feature other attractive functions such as UV protection. Walking shirts made of merino are generally odourless due to the wool. Integrated UV protection with up to UPF 50 makes a lot of sense at high altitudes and for people who burn easily.

Walking shirts come with long or short sleeves Often you can already tell by the abbreviation LS for long sleeve or SS for short sleeve what kind of shirt the name refers to. Whether it's a short sleeve shirt or long sleeve shirt depends first and foremost on the temperature. Many walking shirts have long sleeves that can be rolled up and transformed into short sleeves in an instant using special buttons or tabs.

Hiking shirts are either fastened with a full-length zip, or in most cases, with a smart and practical button placket. Patch breast pockets or concealed breast pockets with zip provide plenty of space for essential accessories.

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