Well-equipped on your tour with the perfect trekking jacket.

Trekking Jackets

Trekking, as opposed to shorter activities such as hiking, have special demands concerning the durability of the material. Just as your solid backpack, your trekking poles and your trekking shoes, your trekking jacket should stand out by high durability when you are on long hikes or mountain hiking and they should be tough, stowable, water repellent or even waterproof and, of course, breathable at the same time. Good wind protection is also very important.
Read this, if you want to get to know the models as well as when and where they make sense.

Which trekking jacket do I need?

For the classic type of trekking with a lot of baggage, jackets made of softshell, mixed fabrics or hardshells have proven themselves.
They can easily be combined with fleece when it is a little colder than usual, they have a small pack size and are comfortable to wear because they are vapor permeable and offer enough freedom of movement.
This type of functional jackets are basically transitional jackets but there also models with inner lining.
Trekking jackets made of mixed fabric commonly had a dry treatment with a special type of wax (G-1000 by Fjällräven or Polycotton by Lundhags) and they are naturally comfortable to wear. They are also used as classic hiking jackets and are very tough and durable. Also, they protect you from mosquitoes, UV radiation, thorns and wind. In warm weather and, combined with insulation, icy conditions they are a good pick. However, the weather should rather be dry.
If you need a good protection from wet conditions, you should go for a trekking jacket made of softshell or a waterproof 3-layered jacket (such as Gore-Tex Pro shell or three-layered Dermizax). They are extremely water repellent or even waterproof, they have a helmet-compatible hood for high trekking and they can be combined with a waterproof pair of trekking pants.
Have fun on your tour with your trekking jacket by, for example, Arc'teryx, Bergans, Mammut, Vaude or The North Face!

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