Trail running backpacks for trail and long-distance running

Running Backpacks

If you want to carry more than just your house keys and an energy bar on your run, then you'll need a good trail running backpack. Trail running backpacks are incredible because they provide you with enough space for a hydration system or a water bottle, your running jacket, energy bars, your wallet and your smartphone.

Trail running backpacks should be as light and adjustable as possible. The size will depend on your needs but such backpacks tend to have a capacity between 8 and 15 litres. This will prevent you from carrying too much weight and it helps optimize the carrying system. The carrying system doesn’t have to be as resilient as that of a walking backpack. Their flat design holds the backpack’s centre of gravity as close to your back as possible and it won’t restrict your range of motion. When trying on different models, you should make sure that it sits comfortably on your back.

A hydration backpack, a trail running vest or a trail running backpack?

Hydration backpacks are comfortable backpacks that are equipped with hydration systems. You can attach the hydration tube to the backpack’s shoulder straps, which will allow you to drink without having to dig through your backpack. Some hydration backpacks can only carry a hydration system, while others also offer additional space for some energy bars and other essentials.

Some trail running backpacks allow you to either stow away your water bottles in the side pockets or in the backpack itself. When choosing between these two types of backpacks, you’ll need to decide whether you prefer drinking from a tube or a water bottle.

A trail running vest is a mix between a backpack and a garment. The clear advantage of such running vests is their ability to evenly distribute the weight over your body. The hydration system goes over your back and torso, and their side pockets offer additional storage space for other water bottles, your keys and energy bars. Running vests are a great choice for long uphill and downhill runs because the pockets’ contents will hardly move whilst running.

Ultra-light, yet super stable

The running backpack’s weight is an important factor to consider. Most runners want a backpack that’s as light as possible, which is why brands, such as Salomon, Inov-8 and Montane, only use particularly lightweight materials when producing their running backpacks.

However, the backpack should also be durable enough to meet trail running’s demands. Thanks to high-quality workmanship, this won’t be a problem because many models are water-repellent, so you can even train in bad weather conditions.

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