Tunnel tent - spacious and comfortable

Tunnel Tents

Here are few things more relaxing than a good nights rest outdoors after a long day of adventure. A good tent will quickly pay itself off. When the first tunnel tent came onto the market over 30 years ago, the advantages of this shape in comparison to a dome tent became quickly evident and impressive.

High quality tunnel tents are very spacious and provide reliable protection against wind and rain. They are additionally often fitted with several different chambers so you can spend rainy days sipping tea and playing in the front section. This will prepare you for every eventuality so you can count on relaxing nights in the mountains or touring.

Best use of space

The tunnel shaped construction makes the best use of the surface area. The only way you could feel cramped in any way would be in tiny 1-person tents.

Tunnel tent design

Most models feature an additional front room that lead to the sleeping compartments. The advantage of this is most evident on the occasional rainy day when you have to stay inside. In addition to that, you can also take any dirty clothing off in this front room to keep your sleeping area nice and clean.

There are also versions without a front compartment to save on weight. These versions have a vestibule on the entrance/exit of the tent which provides space for your gear and equipment.

Tunnel tent ventilation

A lot of manufacturers have found a clever solution. The tunnel design is perfect for creating a wicking effect. This ensures fantastic ventilation in many models.

Space for many people

Where dome tents quickly hit obstacles due to their design, tunnel tents really shine and provide the best results. That is why many tents made for more than 4 people have a tunnel design. They usually feature a front compartment with attached sleeping compartments. Tunnel tents with space for up to 8 people are therefore quite common.

Tunnel tent construction

Setting up a tunnel tent is often quite a quick process. The inside and outside are generally connected, so the only thing that needs to be assembled is the frame. All that's left then is guying the tent and you are done! This also makes them the easiest to set up in bad weather conditions.

Wind stability

Tunnel tents have one long and one short side. The short side should face the direction of the wind, as it has the least impact surface.

Accessories for tunnel tents

We have plenty of accessories on offer for tunnel tents in our shop, like footprints, tent stakes, repair kits or vestibule floors. There is also everything you could need for caring for your tunnel tent, like dry treatment and care products.

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