Bib shorts & tights for cycling

Bib Shorts

Don't let this strange name fool you because these are high functioning and particularly comfortable variants of cycling trousers whose features will be covered in more detail in the following.

What exactly are Bib shorts anyway?

Well Bib shorts and tights are, as the name suggests, sporty cycling trousers that are tight with a practical bib and offer the best fit and performance.
Very ambitious and tour bikers like to choose this variant of cycling shorts since these strap trousers are not only aerodynamic but also particularly fitting and they don't slip. Even though Bib tights are rather not so practical when you have to go to the toilet, these elevated trousers for racing and mountain bikes protect your sensitive kidney area underneath the functional underwear and your cycling jacket from the cold and they prevent t-shirts from scraping against your skin or nipples.
On the back there is more than just one practical elastic pocket for cereal bars and cell phone due to the high waistband. Bib shorts are equipped with a soft and protecting seat pad underneath which you usually don't wear a base layer to prevent friction or pressure points. In spite of the comfortable padding which also protects your legs from falling asleep the pads provide enough freedom of movement while riding out of the saddle and going downhill on curvy MTB trails.
Bib shorts are rather elastic and slim-fitting as opposed to baggy shorts. They absorb sweat effectively and the fabric dries quickly. In addition to reflectors, it features a silicon-coated waistband. Bib shorts by POC, Craft or Qloom frequently provide a moderate to strong compression effect which is achieved by a tight fit and it supports the circulation in your thighs as well as reduces muscle vibrations.

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