Cycling shorts to get you through warm days

Short Cycling Trousers

In addition to your helmet and cycling gloves, bike shorts are an essential part of your cycling equipment. When riding without appropriate cycling trousers, it can be painful and uncomfortable both during and after your ride. Investing in a good pair of cycling trousers is therefore definitely worth it. Cycling shorts have many different features depending on the area of use, but they all have one thing in common: they’re very stretchy and allow you to pedal freely. When you’re already fighting against gravity, air resistance and friction resistance, fighting against your own shorts is the last thing you want.

The purpose determines the cut

In general, bike shorts can be divided into two groups: form-fitting for racing and casual fitting for mountain biking. You can find form-fitting shorts from manufacturers, such as Pearl Izumi or Mavic, which trigger an aerodynamic effect, especially when going downhill. Some of these trousers feature structured surfaces that reduce air resistance to a minimum and are made of special stretch fabrics that encourage blood circulation. Form-fitting shorts are often designed as bib shorts. They feature a high cut to protect your kidneys on fast descents, and they can quickly wick moisture away from your skin thanks to their mesh inserts. On the other hand, looser-fitting mountain bike shorts are super comfortable and durable. Depending on their purpose, they’re either made of lightweight and breathable fabrics or are padded and reinforced to protect your thighs and knees.

With or without a seat pad

If you want to enjoy pain-free rides, then you should always ride with a seat pad. It can either be integrated in your bike shorts, or you can wear padded cycling underwear. When it comes to racing trousers, they always come with an integrated seat pad. They offer varying levels of padding for different ride length, so you generally won’t need to wear cycling underwear. Many manufacturers, such as Löffler, Scott and Mavic, produce mountain bike shorts with padded liners that are sometimes removable.

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