Downhill shorts for freeriding, enduro and race biking

Downhill cycling shorts

High speeds combined with narrow trails, slippery tree roots and large boulders - downhill riding on a mountain bike demands maximum concentration, perfect biking skills and comprehensive special equipment. Compared with other bikes, downhill mountain bikes have the most suspension travel and the most powerful brakes to withstand the enormous strain of downhill riding.

Downhill clothing must therefore guarantee optimal freedom of movement for the rider during fast descents, while providing the necessary protection in the event of a fall. For this reason, downhill mountain bikers always ride with complete protective gear, including a downhill helmet, protectors and downhill shoes.

Protection and comfort in a layer system

So that their MTB clothing fits perfectly during downhill rides and remains comfortable and breathable, most mountain bikers dress in a functional layer system. Directly against the skin, functional underwear forms a comfortable base layer that wicks away moisture. Downhill protectors are then added on top. Whether it's a back protector, protective jacket or protective vest with separate elbow pads - the choice is left up to the personal needs, tastes and riding style of the individual.

Over the protective layer of protectors, downhill trousers and T-shirts form the outer layer. Depending on the weather, temperature and distance, riders may choose short or long downhill clothing. Short MTB shorts, which offer adequate space for the necessary protectors in the form of wide-fitting baggy shorts or freeride shorts, are popular among most mountain bikers.

Downhill with cycling shorts

Baggy shorts for mountain bikers must be made of highly robust materials. Professional manufacturers of downhill clothing like ION, Endura or Maloja use high-quality mixtures of various synthetic fibres, which are strong, stretchy and quick-drying. The shorts often feature integrated inner pants with seat padding. Like in classic bib shorts for cyclists, the seat padding protects against shocks and impacts. Removable inner pants provide an optimal fit and enable easier care, as they can be washed separately from the MTB shorts.

In downhill shorts, manufacturers and bikers value extreme durability. For this reason, the weight of these shorts tends to be a little heavier than MTB shorts for touring. However, for downhill mountain bikers, a few extra gram is of little consequence. Downhill bikes are the heaviest of all mountain bikes, and amount of equipment required is also the highest. This considered, a good pair of downhill shorts should primarily be robust and durable. When selecting a pair of stylish cycling shorts, it is recommended to try them on with the necessary protectors to make sure they fit together.

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