Outdoor shorts for the refined outdoor sports person.

Outdoor Shorts & 3/4 length trousers

Short outdoor trousers are essential for any trekking tour. This lightweight and practical short trousers aren't just great hiking and walking shorts, however, they are also very popular for climbing, cycling and trail running.

While there are specialised climbing, trail or MTB shorts, many outdoor shorts are universally suitable for many sport and leisure activities. The lightweight and robust fabric of the shorts is generally made of breathable materials that are also water and dirt repellent.

Comfortable and breathable functional shorts

To offer perfect freedom of movement while climbing, jogging or trail running, many outdoor shorts are made of stretchable synthetic fibre materials. This makes them very comfortable and pleasant to wear. With cycling shorts or bib shorts for cyclists, additional soft seat padding is usually integrated into the shorts. Some MTB shorts or baggy shorts for downhill use can also be used as outdoor shorts. The inner trousers with the integrated seat pads can be removed in many designs. This allows these cycling shorts to easily be worn for hillwalking, walking or during leisure activities.

Some outdoor trousers with long legs can also easily be converted into short outdoor trousers. These so called zip-off trousers have hidden zips, usually in the knee area, for detaching or reattaching the legs. This means you won't have to contend with the extra weight of hiking shorts and are still fully prepared for all eventualities.

Flexible sport and leisure hiking shorts

Outdoor shorts by Maloja, Chillaz or adidas are not just perfectly suited for hiking in the mountains. These lightweight shorts are just as ideal for other physical activities. Depending on length and design, they are also suitable for use as running shorts while jogging or trail running.

Outdoor shorts are very popular for every day and leisure time use. This flexible and comfortable set of short trousers scores high with its functional materials and optimised design properties for sports use, without looking too casual. These practical shorts are always good to have on hand while travelling and on holidays. Easy to store, clean and highly versatile - with a set of outdoor shorts in the bag you'll always have the right thing to wear on your holiday trip.

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