High quality boulder shorts for out- and indoor use.

Bouldering Shorts

Absolute freedom of movement is of critical importance while bouldering, and you should take care to select the perfect bouldering trousers. While climbing trousers are usually cut for a tight fit so that they can be worn underneath climbing harnesses, bouldering shorts and trousers can be left to sit a lot more loosely. There are no truly specific designs for bouldering in- or outdoors. Climbing shoes and bouldering trousers are suited for universal use. Contrary to this, approach shoes and crash pads are only needed for outdoor bouldering.

Boulder shorts are available made from synthetic fibres or cotton. Manufacturing companies of high quality bouldering wear such as Chillaz, Nograd or Maloja place great importance on using robust and long-lived fabrics. Many bouldering trousers are also breathable and stretchable. Unlike regular outdoor shorts, a perfect fit is even more important with boulder shorts. After all, a set of bouldering trousers must stay in place in even the most outlandish positions - be it vertical, horizontal or upside down.

Stylish shorts for bouldering and climbing.

Boulder shorts are, of course, designed to be functional first and foremost. But fashion style is also an important part of bouldering wear. Comfortable side pockets and patch back pockets don't just look good, they are useful even off the rock or outside the gym.

Special details in boulder shorts, such as small eyelets or pockets for boulder brushes or individually adjustable cuffs, enable even more fun while bouldering. No bouldering outfit is complete without a suitable climbing shirt. In this, the first choice is rarely skin tight base layers. The best way to stay up to date are T-shirts and hoodies from trending labels in the bouldering scene, such as Nograd or Chillaz.

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