Thermal air mattresses form a soft and warm base

Thermal Air Mattresses

If you’ve ever slept in a tent without an insulated or cushioned base, then you’re guaranteed to be impressed by the great qualities of thermal air mattresses. Thermal air mattresses combine the pressure-compensating lining of a foam underlay with the cushioning of a traditional air mattress and the insulation of a thermal sleeping mat. So, you’re guaranteed to love and feel comfortable on an outdoor mattress when spending the night outdoors.

Thermal air mattress’ functionality and materials

A thermal air mattress’ functionality and materials are designed to even out bumps, such as stones and roots. To be more specific, the self-inflating air baffles absorb most of the bumps. To set up the mattress, you simply need to open the valve to fill it up with air. Once you’re ready to pack it away, simply open the valve and fold it to get the air out. This ensures the sleeping mat is lightweight and compact. In addition, the base material prevents the cold and moisture from penetrating the mat from below.

Which thermal air mattress for which purpose?

When browsing through thermal air mattresses, you’ll see both thinner and thicker models. Thinner models will have a more difficult time balancing out larger bumps on the ground. However, they can be folded up much smaller and are more lightweight. They’re suitable for multiday hill walks, mountaineering, and for trips that require you to carry your luggage over long stretches.
If you’re planning on going on a longer camping trip and staying at a single site or travelling with your car, then you can go for a thicker and somewhat heavier thermal air mattress.

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