Sneakers are great!


Sneakers are shoes that have an athletic, stylish design, and they're made for everyday life, not for exercising.
The term sneaker is quite broad, but one thing that’s common amongst them is that they’re mostly flat, lightweight and very chic. Sometimes you'll even find winter boots and trail running shoes that have an urban, athletic design. Since there’s such a wide range of such shoes, we’ll give you an overview of some types and their features. You’ll also understand that wearing sneakers is a lifestyle choice and they aren’t just ordinary shoes!

Materials and their look

There are so many materials to choose from: from leather, synthetic leather and synthetic fibre to cotton and even hemp. Such a variety of uppers means that sneakers can look vastly different from one another and are super versatile.
Sneakers Synthetic models provide a more athletic look, are more breathable, and they're designed for people who walk a lot. Wearing leather sneakers isn’t the most ideal in everyday life.
Leather and synthetic leather models are more durable, particularly comfortable and chic. These fashionable sneakers are mostly worn for their cool, urban style.
To complete your casual joggers and beanie outfit, you can opt for sneakers made of eco-friendly fabrics, such as cotton or hemp.
Of course, you can pair your sneakers with any outfit you want.

Various models

There are so many types of sneakers: from slip-ons, trail runners, walking shoes and boots to ballet pumps, freeriders and approach shoes.
Pretty much every type of footwear can have a sneaker style. You can even turn your running shoes into everyday sneakers if you want, or actually rock real sneakers.
Sneakers are not only dynamic, athletic, everyday shoes, but they also come in many colours, have a simple design, are functional and durable. Wearing sneakers will make you stand out from the crowd and they're guaranteed to impress you with their practical features.

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