Freeze no more with high-quality synthetic jackets

Synthetic Jackets

When it's cold and unpleasant outside but you still want to spend your time in open nature, that's not a problem! With a warm synthetic jacket, the outdoor enthusiast is well-equipped for cooler climates.

What are the advantages of a synthetic jacket?

As soon as the weather cools down, synthetic jackets are a faithful companion. They offer excellent thermal efficiency, they are wind and water-repellent, and they are often breathable as well. Other types of jackets may have the same properties, but synthetic pullovers and jackets have some advantages that you shouldn't ignore.

One of the most important advantages of synthetic jackets is that they don't lose any of their thermal output under moist conditions. If a down-lined jacket gets wet, the lining loses substantial insulating power and the jacket no longer provides warmth. In extreme cases, the lining might even clump together. But a synthetic jacket doesn't have such problems with moisture. The synthetic lining is non-absorbent and stays warm. Combine it with water-repellent fabrics and rain showers won't bother you. In addition, synthetic jackets dry very quickly after getting wet. Sometimes it's just your body that needs warming up. In this case, it's better to choose a synthetic vest.

Easy to clean and hard-wearing - synthetic jackets have what you need

Synthetic jackets are also very easy to clean. After a long and arduous tour, outdoor enthusiasts certainly don't come home clean as a whistle. Synthetic jackets are machine-washable and the lining is not damaged in the process. It's also worth mentioning that synthetic jackets are cheaper than down jackets, but this doesn't mean a reduction in quality. You can't go wrong with a good synthetic jacket: they are robust, easy to clean, and offer top heat retention.

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