Polartec jackets for outdoor adventures

Polartec Jackets

Polartec is very popular on the outdoor scene and is the best-known manufacturer of exceptionally high quality fleece. The fleece materials from Polartec feature excellent durability, superb thermal output and low weight, and this is why they are used by top outdoor gear and mountain clothing companies like Arc'teryx, Mammut or Houdini.

Polartec jackets are available in a number of different variants. They can be worn as a warm insulation layer under a waterproof jacket or softshell jacket, or alternatively as a warm outer layer. The Polartec material has a variety of different characteristics suitable for different recommended uses.

Neo Shell, Windbloc or Power Grid?

The most commonly used varieties for base layers are Polartec Power Stretch, Power Dry, Power Wool or Power Grid. The stretchiness and good ventilation of these materials are ideal for base layers. Polartec jackets which have to be water resistant, waterproof or windproof are made from thicker materials like Polartec Neo Shell, Windbloc, Power Shield or Power Shield Pro.

Along with these specialist fabrics from Polartec, which have exceptional windproof, waterproof or quick-drying properties, the classic fleece varieties from Polartec are widely used in leisure wear and very popular for sports. Polartec Classic, High Loft or Wind Pro provide exceptional thermal output, are the basis of practical Polartec jackets with zips, comfortable pockets and cosy fleece hoods. For arctic cold, Polartec jackets made from Polartec Thermal Pro or Polartec Alpha are used. They are a byword for maximum thermal output in fleece jackets, and are used in winter for mountaineering and expeditions in icy regions.

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