Always active with men's softshell jackets

Softshell Jackets Men

If you live and breathe outdoor sports, then you as well as robust outdoor trousers, you also need a lightweight, comfortable jacket, which is wicking and weatherproof and doesn't restrict your movement at all. Softshell jackets for men do exactly that and much more! Whether trekking, trail running or skiing, men's softshell jackets are versatile and will perform with flying colors! So get to it, no excuses with softshell jackets for men!

Softshell jackets for men are versatile all-rounders

Active outdoor sportsmen make high demands on their softshell jackets for men. So what does a good softshell jacket for men need? Breathability, insulation strength, weather protection and freedom of movement are essential for a high-quality men's softshell jacket, but there are also some other things to consider when buying a jacket.

A softshell jacket for men is usually composed of two or three layers. On the outside, a durable, water-repellent shell retains moisture. This ensures that men's softshell jackets won't have any problem in a light rain shower. A windproof membrane keeps the cold and unpleasant wind out of men's softshell jackets. The inner layer of men's softshell jackets is insulated and responsible for wicking moisture away. Moisture resulting from perspiration is wicked directly away from the fabric to the outside. So the body is always nice and dry and it prevents overheating.

On the move with softshell jackets for men

If you're on the move a lot, then you need outdoor clothing that doesn't restrict at all and isn't too heavy. The elastic material and the body-hugging design lend men's softshell jackets a high degree of freedom of movement. So even complicated movements, which are often required in mountain sports, won't be a problem. In addition, softshell jackets for men are also really lightweight compared to other outdoor jackets. So even on long trips, softshell jackets for me won't become a burden.

But softshell jackets for men aren't just great for outdoor sports. The functional properties combined with a sporty cut and fashionable design ensure that men's softshell jackets hit the spot even for everyday use. Whether on the way to work or college or of course for sports in the great outdoors, a men's softshell jacket is a must!

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