Sports sandals for walking, leisure and outdoors

Sports and leisure sandals

On hot days, the superb ventilation you get from sports' sandals is unsurpassed. The comfortable foot climate gives you the best wear comfort during hiking and hillwalking. A high-quality footbed with a grippy and well-cushioned sole ensures comfort even on long hikes.

Sporty leisure sandals with adjustable heel straps and hook-and-loop fasteners or laces are ideal, as the fit can be perfectly tailored to your feet. This prevents the feet from slipping in the sandals and ensures that hikers and walkers have a stable grip and a secure footing at all times.

Open or closed outdoor walking sandals

The toe region of leisure sandals is often open, so that the sandals provide optimal ventilation for your feet. Walking and trekking sandals often feature a closed or partially closed toe to better protect the toes from injury and prevent pebbles from getting into the sandals.

Specialists in walking sandals like Keen or Teva generally avoid thong style sandals or toe separators for their hiking sandals. Instead they utilise long-lasting and quick-drying materials, robust constructions and grippy Vibram soles. Leisure sandals with sporty designs, like Crocs, instead use thongs and avoid heel straps, so that these light sandals with an anti-bacterial footbed are quick and easy to get on and off.

Sporty walking sandals in leather, synthetic leather or plastic

Outdoor walking sandals are available in a variety of different styles and material combinations. The very lightweight and quick-drying models capitalise on synthetic fibre and airy mesh fabric. Sports' sandals in designs with robust synthetic leather are made to be waterproof and are even sometimes suitable for use in salt water. Real leather sandals are especially comfortable and over time mould themselves perfectly around the shape of your foot. This natural material is impressively durable and comfortable to wear.

Style is also important when choosing which material you would like for your sandals. Sports' sandals in synthetic materials are usually more colourful and are available in a wider range of different colours. Leather sandals on the other hand are generally available in simple colours like brown, grey or black. They are best suited for everyday wear, when you want something more subtle and simple.

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