A lifesaver in emergencies: avalanche equipment

Avalanche Equipment

During mountain and winter sports, you shouldn't underestimate the danger of an avalanche. You should therefore always carry high-quality avalanche equipment with you when you go freeriding or ski touring. If you're stuck in an avalanche, your chances of survival drastically reduce after just a few minutes. However, having avalanche equipment allows you to take quick and effective actions in such a situation. In addition to your avalanche equipment, having an avalanche backpack offers the best chance of survival.

What does avalanche equipment consist of?

Avalanche equipment generally consists of three components: an avalanche transceiver (or beacon), an avalanche probe and an avalanche shovel. The transceiver makes it possible to locate the buried person. In transmit mode, a signal is transmitted at short intervals on a standardized frequency. This signal can be located by another transceiver in the receive mode. Avalanche probes are used to precisely locate avalanche victims. The probe is inserted into the snow to pinpoint the exact location and depth of the buried person. Thanks to the avalanche shovel’s stable blade and durable shaft, you'll be able to excavate the buried person from densely-packed snow.
Every minute counts when trying to recover buried persons. Avalanche equipment can help save a life, which is why they're a must-have in every mountain athlete’s backpack!

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