Perfectly equipped for all weather with trail running clothing

Trail Running Clothing

What perfect bike shorts and a good jersey are for ambitious bikers, perfect trail running clothes are for runners! With proper clothing a runner goes optimally equipped onto the trail.
Trailrunners do not even need a lot of gear from the beginning, as a few useful basics are enough. These are combined in many ways and with regard to the functions, they are optimally coordinated. From beanie to socks: Craft, Montura and Salomon are very well equipped and stock something for everyone!

What layering system is important for trail running

A functional layer system is required. Only with that, a runner is optimally protected and - most importantly - an effective moisture management is assured! Running wear is lightweight, breathable and quick drying. Depending on the temperature and weather, running wear should also protect against the cold, rain and wind.

  • The recommended first layer is runners underwear. Whether synthetic fibers or Merino depends on personal taste and the temperatures. In any case the underwear must not chafe. Flatlock seams and a fitting, wrinkle-free fit are important. Especially with regards to running socks!
  • A running shirt with short or long-sleeves acts as a mid layer on the torso and moves moisture quickly away from the body. Thus unpleasant cooling is prevented and the runner feels dry.
  • A trail jacket can be worn over the functional shirt for extra protection if needed. It can be wind resistant and windproof or water-resistant and waterproof. Reflective details for safety, ventilation zips for air circulation and perfectly arranged pockets for bars and more, are meaningful details. Rain jackets made of modern functional textiles fulfill these requirements easily and turn running jackets and running vest into practical companions.
  • The appropriate trousers during trail running are running pants. For good weather and mild temperatures running shorts are ideal, whilst during the transitional period or on cooler days, running tights are the better choice.

Trail running shoes are a subject in itself

Equally important are trail running shoes. Just like the running clothes, running shoes are optimized for use on the trail. They have a highly profiled sole with excellent friction and offer a combination of cushioning and support. Models with a waterproof membrane are ideal for muddy trails and perfect for use in bad weather.

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