Sporting excellence with functional running underwear

Running Base Layers & Underwear

Let's go, just a few more meters and you'll break your personal best! The sweat is pouring down your face, but it was totally worth it and fortunately you have functional running underwear! High quality undergarments for trail running or training runs is breathable, has good moisture management and protects the body from overheating. So get running with high-performing running undergarments!

What does running underwear need to do?

In this case, the wood is outdoor sports and the splinters are sweat and heat. The planning is in this case the outdoor sports and the chips are welding and heat. So baselayers and underwear need to perform well. Good running underwear must be highly breathable. The sweat is wicked directly through the fabric to the outside, where it evaporates. This not only keeps you dry but prevents the body from overheating during exertion at the same time. Additional features such as antimicrobial properties make running undergarments the ideal partner for sporting achievements.

What kinds of running underwear are there?

There's running wear available for every purpose. Besides the usual running shirts, running pants and running tights, the running underwear section has a few other things to offer - Compression Shirts for example. This running undergarment supports the body and prevents muscle vibration from shock. The compression also increases performance as well as regeneration after exercise. Sports bras for women offer excellent support, even during intense activity. Running jackets can either be worn as a base layer or as a light, functional replacement for an outdoor jacket. No matter which one makes it into your outdoor wardrobe, they all have one thing in common, they are really powerful!

Whether for training, jogging or biking, if you're going to get sweaty, then you need running underwear from the start! Manufacturers like Craft, Houdini, Ortovox and other well known companies offer suitable functional undergarments for everyone.

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