Running trousers belong in every runner's basic equipment

Running Trousers

Running trousers noticeably improve comfort during jogging and trail running. That's because there are running trousers for every purpose and all weather conditions. When the weather is hot and summery, you grab a pair of running shorts from your wardrobe. If a rugged voyage is on your schedule, choose a pair of running tights with an athletic fit. From the cold, uncomfortable days of autumn to the end of spring, an ambitious runner is well-equipped with a pair of running tights.

Barely-noticeable running wear is ideal

In addition to the material, an optimal cut is particularly important to running pants. Modern functional fabrics are the best solution. They are breathable, moisture-wicking, and fast-drying. On the trail, running trousers must be barely noticeable. Excellent range of motion and a chafe-free seat are essential. Combined with a clever cut and minimal seams in the inner leg, this prevents painful sores.
Whether it's three-quarter tights or the classic, comfy jogging trousers, there's a right solution for every kind of runner. The performance-oriented runner tends to choose a technical model with compression. This allows the runner to continue on long, sporty runs for a longer amount of time. If enjoyment and experience have priority, then properties such as a quiet material come to the fore.

Running Trousers

Summer is the time for airy running shorts

A pair of running shorts is recommended for summer trail runs or jogs in hot temperatures. Dynafit, Salomon, Montura, and Arc'teryx have trousers for everyone in their product change. They are all comfortably light and airy. Mesh inserts and breathable, moisture-wicking inner materials preserve a comfortable body climate on long runs. Loosely-cut running shorts made of functional fabric ensure excellent range of motion and reliable performance. It's perfect for those who prefer a looser cut.

When it's cool, warmth and wind protection are the order of the day

Cold and wind protection are important for running pants, both in the mountains and between seasons. Special running pants with a Windstopper membrane are made for that purpose. These models are a fantastic match for cold and damp weather as well as mountain runs. The runner doesn't get too cold in the wind and maintains peak performance. Lousy weather is no longer an excuse with these trousers. The breathability of the material keeps your body feeling dry! In cold temperatures, a suitable layer of insulation is important. When it comes to strenuous endurance sports, synthetic fiber insulation meets every challenge. It's light, moisture-resistant, and breathable. The Climawarm models from Adidas are very comfortable to wear thanks to their soft, napped interior. They also create a fine heat cushion.
Joggers and trail runners are well-equipped with a pair of running pants. After all, an optimal body climate and chafe-free comfort keep runners feeling good during the most strenuous moments!

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