Waterproof Gore-Tex trousers for optimum weather protection

Gore-Tex trousers

Gore-Tex trousers are the epitome of waterproof outdoor trousers for men, women and kids. Thanks to its waterproof membrane, market leader Gore not only offers expert protection against wind, wet, rain and snow, but is also highly breathable. The tiny pores allow water vapour to be wicked outwards.

This keeps your legs comfortably warm in Gore-Tex hardshell trousers. Whether it's Gore-Tex walking trousers, Gore-Tex trekking pants or Gore-Tex trousers for mountaineers and alpinists - reliable weather protection is guaranteed at all times, thanks to sealed seams and durable materials. Combined with waterproof Gore-Tex shoes and a weatherproof Gore-Tex rain jacket, hikers and outdoor athletes are perfectly protected against the wet, whatever the weather.

Lined Gore-Tex trousers for skiers and snowboarders

Reputable manufacturers of outdoor and climbing clothing like Mammut, Haglöfs or Peak Performance offer Gore-Tex trousers in various designs, different material thicknesses and for all kinds of purposes. Exceptionally thin and lightweight Gore-Tex trousers are ideal for hikes and hill walks. They can be stored compactly and weigh almost nothing in a walking backpack. Stronger waterproof trousers for climbers and trekking tours, meanwhile, are made of heavier, more robust outer materials. This ensures durability in frequent contact with rocks and scree.

Special Gore-Tex trousers for use in winter sports combine weatherproof properties with warm insulation. A warm intermediate layer made of padded synthetic fibres or a soft inner lining made of microfleece provide excellent thermal properties while skiing, ski touring or freeriding. The warm hardshell clothing is of course equally suitable for snowshoe tours and winter hikes. Gore-Tex trousers for skiing and snowboarding are often equipped with integrated gaiters on the legs. They prevent snow and moisture from penetrating into socks and winter boots through the trouser leg.

Short Gore-Tex trousers for jogging, running and trail running

In addition to long trousers for outdoor sports and winter sports, several sportswear manufacturers also offer short trousers with a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane. Sporty runners and cyclists wear weatherproof shorts for road cycling, mountain biking, running and trail running. Although they don't protects the feet, shoes and calves against rain, wet and mud, they do keep your thighs and hips comfortably dry. This way, Gore shorts guarantee exceptional comfort, even during wet training or racing conditions.

Gore-Tex shorts are therefore very popular for use in outdoor sports. Whether it's during triathlon training, on bike tours, in a bike park or while running or cycling in rainy weather. Weatherproof shorts are a great addition to waterproof Gore-Tex outdoor trousers, waterproof Gore-Tex shoes and weatherproof jackets, beanies and gloves.

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