Warm PrimaLoft trousers for winter and mountain sports

PrimaLoft Trousers

Warm ski trousers and winter trousers from outdoor companies like Maloja, Martini or Mountain Equipment are equipped with an insulating lining made either of down or synthetic fibre. As well as a low weight and high stability, insulating synthetic fibres made of PrimaLoft material are attractive due to their pleasant warming properties even when damp or wet. What's more, PrimaLoft trousers are completely dry again in only a short time.

The resistance of winter trousers and ski trousers to moisture is a great advantage over water-sensitive down trousers. Since down loses its insulating properties in the wet and takes a long time to dry, many companies use PrimaLoft Silver or PrimaLoft Gold to insulate their warm trousers. In both cases, the base material is billowed polyester fibre. The difference between the different types of PrimaLoft lies in the thickness and the associated thermal performance.

PrimaLoft clothing for skiers and alpinists

Since its development in the 1980s, PrimaLoft has become on the most popular and successful manufacturers of warm synthetic fibres for functional textiles. In winter trousers for skiers, hikers, alpinists and mountaineers, a PrimaLoft layer is sewn into place so that it cannot slip, and so guarantees uniform insulation even during intensive movement, that is also extremely durable.

The insulating layer of PrimaLoft is often integrated in hardshell trousers and softshell trousers too. Thanks to their robust materials, the mountain sports trousers protect the thin layer from damage and abrasion with the billowed synthetic fibre. Other models are also ideal for wear under mountain sports clothing and provide additional insulation in extreme cold.

Lightweight winter trousers with high thermal performance

PrimaLoft trousers are exceptionally light and compressible. For this reason, PrimaLoft is not only used in ski trousers and warm PrimaLoft jackets, but also in the production of warm winter gloves or ski gloves and as a warm lining in ski boots or winter boots.

In cold areas, warm PrimaLoft in functional clothing is not only used in mountain, skiing or outdoor sports. The versatile and high-quality material has long been used in all kinds of textiles for leisure wear and everyday winter wear, and ensures warm hands, legs, arms and feet.

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