Waterproof shoes for your outdoor adventure

Waterproof Shoes

Real outdoor fanatics that go out even when it is raining and really messy outside can not do so without waterproof shoes. In summer, when you are hiking in the mountains, during the transitional seasons while walking on the weekend, for the approach while climbing and when you are snow hiking in winter - appropriate shoes will prepare you for anything. Waterproof shoes are a must for any equipment!
Good rubber boots are enough for walking your dog in the morning. They are waterproof and do not let anything get through due to their material. Kamik has equally comfortable and fashionable model on offer. But when you are going for longer distances and changing terrains your best pick are real hiking shoes or trekking shoes with membranes. Gore-Tex is absolutely reliable and provides a pleasant foot climate.

Your choice depends on the purpose of the shoe.

For everyday use, downtown and for walks in your leisure time rainproof or water repellent shoes should do. Leather shoes can do that by being DWR treated by the manufacturer. From time to time you might want to refresh the DWR treatment with a DWR spray or wax. That way, rain and water is repelled by good rain shoes and your feet stay dry.
Not only women and men need waterproof shoes, but kids as well. Whether it is for the forest kindergarten, the way to school or to play with friends in the afternoon!
Winter shoes are not only waterproof but lined as well. With them, your feet are protected from wet and cold conditions. In combination with an optimized sole for freezing temperatures with a decent tread the shoe has perfect grip and provides sure footing on icy terrain.

Leather or synthetic fiber - it depends

The upper material of waterproof shoes can be made of leather, synthetic leather or synthetic fiber. They each have their pros and cons which are reflected in the maintenance effort you need to put in. Models by brands such as Lowa, Hanwag, Salomon and Mammut have been proven to be absolutely reliable, tough and eye-catching!

Outdoor activities definitely require good shoes

You will need to step up your game when hiking or trekking. Heavy, long-lasting rain or deep snow challenge the material. On multi-day tours, having dry feet is even more important since the tour is not that much fun anymore when there's water in your shoes!
The same thing goes for approach shoes and trail running shoes. Since wet terrains are to be expected on your way to the wall or rough trails, approach shoes and trail running shoes are available as waterproof versions, too.

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