Textbooks and training books for climbing

Climbing Training Books

Obviously, you learn climbing by climbing a lot. However, the right textbooks for climbing helps one make progress quickly. By reading a climbing textbook, one can also recognize common mistakes and avoid them while practicing. There are both books that teach you technical know how and safety techniques as well as pure climbing training books. The training books for climbers show possibilities of optimizing training, gaining more energy and climbing with higher weights.

Who even needs climbing textbooks?

The short and simple answer is: everyone who wants to make progress in climbing. Practical experience and training courses are very important, but a climbing textbook helps one to repeat and internalize what has been learnt in peace. Experienced climbers find quite novel ideas for climbing training, tactics, and gear selection in training books and textbooks.
Finding the right textbook on climbing is however not quite easy. Sport climbers, who just want to climb with heavier loads, will select a climbing training book, that handles strength training and climbing techniques. Anyone wanting to find out more about safety techniques, will buy a climbing textbook handling this topic and alpinists are interested in mountain weather, alpine hazards, avalanches and orientation. The more mountain sports one does, the more textbooks on climbing one will collect in their bookshelf over time.

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