Practical on cycling trips and for everyday: Panniers for bicycles

Cycle Panniers

On long bike rides or just for everyday trips to the shops, panniers offer plenty of space for luggage and equipment. On long cycling holidays, clothing, camping equipment and food quickly adds up. And it's not easy to pack them neatly and securely.

Plenty of storage space with excellent load distribution

With a skillful combination of saddlebags, bar bags and bags on the luggage rack, the load can be balanced and the weight evenly distributed. This stops you shaking and swaying on the track and keeps the bike stable. This is an important advantage over large bike backpacks, which keep the load on the back the entire day. A double bag on the luggage rack increases the storage space for huge bags.

Cycle Panniers

The material: Robust and water repellent

As with the other travel packs for cycling, reliable, waterproof, tough material is crucial when it comes to panniers. The weather can change unexpectedly and a relaxed, sunny tour day might be followed by a hard stage with cloudy, rainy weather. For those kind of days, reflective elements are provided on both sides of the double bag which increase safety in lowlight conditions.

An uncomplicated, reliable attachment is important

In addition to the water-repellent material that protects the luggage against moisture and humidity, the handling is also important. For attachment of high-quality paniers, proven manufacturers like Vaude and Norco use a simple mounting system. With Klickfix and hook and loop fastenings these bags are mounted easily and can easily be taken off in the evening or after the trip.

Useful additional details make a carrier bag versatile

A saddlebag is the car boot for those environmentally friendly cyclists. In a well-equipped bag, everything you need is securely stowed. Be it for the way to the university or to the office, for shopping or for the way to the gravel pit. Unlike bicycle baskets, the cargo is firmly secured. Additional details such as a carrying handle, an interior pocket and a side compartment are practical additions that make a good pannier. A bungee cord can be used to simply attach equipment to the outside.

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