Maximum protection against moisture thanks to waterproof backpacks

Waterproof Backpacks

When trekking, hiking or cycling, the contents of your hiking or cycling backpacks need to be well-protected against rain and moisture. While devices like cameras are particularly sensitive to any kind of moisture, you should also make sure that extra clothes, food, maps and sleeping bag aren't exposed to rain on big tours.

Backpack manufacturers like Osprey, Lowe Alpine or Deuter use a variety of methods to make outdoor backpacks waterproof, ensuring that the contents stay safe and dry.

Rain cover, waterproof coating and roll closure

In many cases, backpacks feature an integrated rain cover. Usually stowed inside a separate bottom compartment in your walking backpack, these rain covers are pulled over the backpack when it rains and kept in place by an integrated elastic. Whether it's just a light drizzle or a heavy downpour, these robust rain covers offer reliable protection in any weather.

Some rainproof backpacks come with a waterproof coating preventing moisture from penetrating the outer layer. While waterproof zips contribute to increased waterproofing, it is recommended to also use a rain cover for optimal protection in continuous rain.

A waterproof backpack with roll closure is often considered most effective in rainy weather. While somewhat more complicated to handle than a standard zip, a waterproof roll closure is designed to prevent any penetration of moisture. This is why most waterproof pouches as well as waterproof stuff and compression sacks feature roll closures.

On the go with rain ponchos and trekking umbrellas

Depending on the area and the length of the tour, hikers and cyclists need to be prepared for rain showers ranging from short downpours to continuous rain. Often, a simple waterproof jacket and a backpack with rain cover provide sufficient protection. For protection against heavier rain, you should consider using a coated or fully waterproof backpack along with complete rainwear comprising a waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers and waterproof shoes.

A great choice for cycling or trekking tours are rain ponchos, protecting paddings on the back as well as backpacks from getting wet. For protection against temporary rain showers, you may also opt for a small and lightweight outdoor umbrella. Keep in mind, however, that with one hand holding the umbrella you will no longer be able to use trekking poles.

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