The physically active woman of today is best served with a set of women's walking trousers.

Walking Trousers Women

Women's walking trousers are specifically tailored to the needs of sporty women. There are few if any types of outdoor fun for which a set of women's walking trousers wouldn't be the right choice.
Just as there is the right jacket for every temperature and weather condition, there are also women's walking trousers suited for every situation. All walking trousers offer a high freedom of movement, which is essential for any sports activity. The chosen material is also robust and wear resistant. Women's walking trousers are quick-drying and breathable, thanks to their moisture conducting fibres. In addition to that they are wind and waterproof and offer a high level of UV protection. Despite these many similarities, women's walking trousers offer a range of different options. Below you will find an introduction to three basic variants of reliable Outdoor trousers.

A light and breathable set of summer women's walking trousers.

In the warmer season it is important to wear women's walking trousers that are light and breathable. Thin fabric layers of nylon or polyester are commonly chosen for this reason. These materials are robust and wear resistant despite their thin layers, so there are no compromises made in respect to longevity here. For a natural wearing experience, cotton is highly recommended.
In most of these summer walking trousers for women the legs can be detached with zips. This allows transforming a set of long trousers into a set of shorts in the blink of an eye.

A somewhat heavier, waterproof set of women's walking trousers - Spring and Autumn.

Those who do not trust the warm face of summer entirely, should select a somewhat heavier set of women's walking trousers instead. These trousers are usually made of a firm hard- or softshell material and often feature an additional layer of water repellent coating. These women's walking trousers are not as breathable as their summer cousins, but still provide the requisite conduction of moisture. A good set of hardshell trousers are perfectly waterproof and can with the right base layer even be used for moderate winter sports.

Lined and waterproof walking trousers for women - Winter

Those who hike in the high Alps, climb the ice or go skiing or snowboarding in glacier regions should absolutely bring a lined type of women's walking trousers. These women's outdoor trousers are suited for tough outdoor action, are often made of wind and waterproof hardshell materials and are lined with fleece. These trousers will keep you warm in even the iciest temperatures. To those who do not plan to engage in any winter sports other than skiing and snowboarding, ski- or snowboard trousers are a better choice, as they feature special reinforcing materials in the most common wear and tear areas.

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