For utterly miserable weather: Functional women's waterproof trousers

Waterproof Trousers Women

In case of a downpour, women should always have the right waterproof trousers with them. In order to fit into any backpack, waterproof trousers are of a really light design with small packed dimensions. They make sure that your lower body stays dry as well. Just like women's waterproof jackets, waterproof trousers are made of functional fabrics. They are reliably waterproof, windproof, and breathable.
High-quality hardshell waterproof trousers for women come with an additional coating. It makes the outer material water repellent and resistant against dirt. This means humidity and dirt run right off, which allows the membrane to function effectively at any time. Haglöfs, Vaude, Arc'teryx, Bergans, Elevenate, and many other manufacturers provide women with the most suitable and reliable waterproof trousers.

Instant protection when it starts to pour

In general, waterproof trousers are meant to be worn on top of regular trousers. Therefore, they should have a sufficiently wide cut and be compatible with boots. Of course, this also applies to men's waterproof trousers! Ankle zips or full length side zips make it easy to step into your walking boots and continue your tour without delays.

Features and processing make a difference

If you're planning a trip through regions with bad weather, fully equipped waterproof trousers for women offer the necessary protection! They come as lined models, with integrated gaiters, and with material reinforcements, just like trekking and touring trousers for rough terrain.
The material of waterproof trousers is another important factor. Does it have a high-quality brand membrane with taped seams? Two or three layers? Is weather protection or breathability the primary feature?
Belt loops or braces provide a secure fit, and the feminine cut is the icing of the cake. You're good to go for your next outdoor experience!

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