Outdoor kitchen - delicious cooking with practical equipment

"Food and drink keep body and soul together." This everyday truth is especially true for hill walkers, campers and other outdoor sports enthusiasts. Eating restores energy to the body and increases general well-being and satisfaction. To ensure that food tastes good on the road, outdoor chefs need functional and well designed cooking equipment that is lightweight, versatile and practical.

Camping stoves and the outdoor kitchen

To prepare a hot meal, hikers and campers need a suitable cooker and fuel. There are various models with different features to choose from:

  • Petrol stoves
  • Especially in remote regions, petrol is the fuel that can be found almost anywhere - even where there are no gas canisters or spirits available. Primus petrol stoves are very efficient and are also often used on expeditions.
  • Multifuel cookers
  • The most versatile outdoor cookers are multifuel cookers. They are equipped with various connections and can be operated with petrol, diesel, paraffin or gas. This means that they can be used worldwide and guarantee maximum flexibility while travelling.
  • Gas cooker
  • Certain gas cookers are designed for use with either camping gas cylinders, puncture cartridges or screw-on cartridges. Particularly lightweight models are mounted directly onto the cartridge and weigh only a few grams. For climbers and ultralight hikers, they offer a perfect performance-to-weight ratio.
  • Gas canister cooker or cartridge cooker
  • In Europe, gas canisters for cookers are very popular. They are offered in different sizes and with two different systems: either as screw-on cartridges or puncture cartridges. Screw-on cartridges are very easy to transport, so they can be unscrewed from the cooker at any time. The puncture cartridge, on the other hand, remains attached to the cooker until it is used up.
  • Spirit cookers and spirit burners
  • Spirit cookers are easy to use and are extremely reliable, making them very popular with outdoor cooks. The best-known spirit cooker is the popular Trangia cooker, which is very light and tough at the same time.
  • Storm cooker
  • In strong winds, the storm cooker's windbreak provides you with excellent cooking performance, allowing you to enjoy a hot meal at any time.

Camping utensils for the outdoor kitchen

While one person may prefer to eat their on-the-go meals directly from their packaging, someone else may travel with practical camping utensils made from plastic or metal. Even the cookware can be rather modest or quite luxurious:

  • Camping Cooking Sets
  • These practical sets for the outdoor kitchen are specially designed so that they can be packed away very easily, allowing a cooking set for several people to disappear effortlessly inside a trekking backpack. Low weight and high stability of the individual parts are, of course, of the highest importance.
  • Camping cutlery and sporks
  • Whether an ultra-light spork made of polycarbonate or a high-quality cutlery set made of stainless steel, depending on personal preference and weight requirements, manufacturers such as Sea to Summit offer a wide range of cutlery made from plastic, aluminium and stainless steel.
  • Camping cups and mugs
  • Cups and mugs for camping equipment are available in plastic, aluminium, stainless steel or titanium. Sometimes insulated, sometimes with a practical handle or a lid, every camper can find their perfect mug. All outdoor mugs are very tough, impact-resistant and durable.
  • Camping plates and bowls
  • Camping plates and bowls are also available made from different materials. Many are very light and lend themselves to being carried in a walking backpack.
  • Camping pans
  • Depending on the trip and the number of travellers, a suitable camping pan may be small or large to fit your needs. The range extends from coated mini pans with removable handles to large outdoor pans for fish or meat dishes.
  • Camping cool boxes
  • Cool boxes for campers can either be passive coolers with rechargeable batteries or active coolers that are electrically operated with 12V or 230V. Compressor cool boxes offer the best cooling performance, but thermoelectric cool boxes also provide efficient cooling for food and drinks when camping.
  • Outdoor coffee preparation
  • Whether it's a small coffee dripper or a practical system cooker - with the right coffee maker, no camper has to do without their favourite warm drink.

Trekking food for reliable outdoor meals on a long tour

Freeze-dried food is particularly light, easy to transport and has a very long shelf life without the need for refrigeration. Trekking food from Travellunch and energy bars from PowerBar are therefore the basis for many trekking tours, climbing adventures and expeditions.

Drinking water on the go

Besides tasty food, drinking plenty of fluids are essential for off-road tours. Depending on individual preferences, there are various options to choose from:

  • Water bottles
  • Classic water bottles are available in different sizes and are made from various materials. Thanks to their high reliability and convenient usability, Kleen Kanteen or Nalgene water bottles are still very popular.
  • Insulated bottles
  • To keep cold drinks cool and warm drinks hot for longer, hikers and campers often turn to double-walled vacuum-insulated containers. The temperature of the contents is effectively maintained for several hours and the flasks themselves are very easy to transport.
  • Hydration systems
  • Active outdoor athletes, and cyclists in particular, do not want to do without hydration bladders and their corresponding drinking tubes.
  • Water purification and water filters
  • In remote regions, clean drinking water can be obtained from contaminated water using special filters such as Micropur, UV light or dedicated tablets.
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