Geocaching devices for beginners and pros

Geocaching GPS Devices

For many people who like to get active outdoors, geocaching has become a popular sport and hobby. In this modern treasure hunt or scavenger hunt, geocachers search for hidden clues and new target coordinates using their devices. The outdoor treasure hunt began on forums and geocaching portals. There geocachers can find the initial coordinates and short descriptions for the respective routes.

Using a geocaching GPS, or a GPS device, that is specially equipped for geocaching requirements, they search for the target coordinates and the hidden object. Hints or riddles are usually used to aid the search. Once the final clue has been found using the geocaching GPS, the symbolic "treasure" and log book can be found in the hiding place.

Functions and requirements of geocaching GPS devices

Geocaching not only takes place in open spaces with good reception, but also in the forest and between houses and rock faces. For this reason, geocaching devices must have good antennae. Some GPS devices can even be extended with external antennae, but for beginners and easy caches, these accessories are generally not necessary.

When using geocaching devices, it is extremely important to have high-resolution and current maps for the corresponding GPS device. The GPS maps are displayed on the GPS devices, either in colour or in greyscale. Greyscale and colour displays should be clearly legible even in bright light, and should not be overly reflective. GPS devices are either operated with buttons or a touch display. Our geocaching shop also offers devices with varying degrees of water resistance. Alternatively, most geocaching devices can also be fitted with an additional waterproof sleeve, so there is no need for heavy rain to spoil the paperless treasure hunt.

GPS devices from Garmin, Falk and Satmap

Geocaching devices from the leading manufacturers of GPS devices offer many functions that are worth comparing in order to find the best geocaching device for you. Some devices have a practical three-axis compass and a barometric altimeter. Others can be expanded with memory cards and enable practical visualisation of tracks and waypoints.

With the additional support of GLONASS satellites as well as GPS satellites, some devices can navigate more accurately, as they can access more information. Depending on the geocaching device, a basic map usually comes pre-installed. The high-resolution maps needed for geocaching can then be installed on the device.

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