Perfectly protected against wind and rain with Gore-Tex waterproof jackets.

Gore-Tex waterproof jackets

Gore-Tex stands for optimum protection against wind, rain and weather. What's more, Gore-Tex waterproof jackets not only prevent water from penetrating the jacket from outside, but also let moisture escape from the inside out. Its high breathability makes Gore-Tex clothing with a breathable membrane ideal for outdoor sports, but also for everyday wear, leisurewear and as workwear in many professions.

In addition to special Gore-Tex textiles such as Gore Thermium and Gore Windstopper, which offer excellent warmth and wind protection, waterproof jackets and waterproof trousers are made of double or triple-layer Gore-Tex, Gore-Tex Active or Gore-Tex Pro. Gore-Tex products vary in weight and durability depending on the design. While some waterproof jackets are designed for everyday wear, others are ultra-light or highly robust.

Gore-Tex jackets with double and triple-layer laminate

All Gore-Tex jackets and Gore-Tex trousers are equipped with a microporous membrane. The tiny pores are so small that water droplets cannot penetrate from the outside in. At the same time, the pores allow moisture molecules to be wicked outwards. To prevent moisture from seeping into the Gore-Tex through the seams, the seams of Gore-Tex jackets are always sealed with waterproof tape.

The differences between different Gore-Tex jackets lie in the base material and the construction. A double-layer design consists of the base material and the membrane, which are bonded permanently into a laminate. In the triple-layer design, the lining is also bonded to the outer material and membrane as a third layer.

Hardshell jacket made of Gore-Tex, Gore-Tex Active or Gore-Tex Pro

Gore-Tex Active is the breathable Gore-Tex variant. It is exceptionally light and perfect for high-intensity exercise. As a further development of Gore-Tex Paclite and Gore-Tex Active Shell, the functional laminate offers exceptional athletic performance while being ultra-light and compact. Meanwhile, Gore-Tex Pro is the robust Gore-Tex variant and a constant further development of Gore-Tex Pro Shell and classic Gore-Tex 3L jackets. Robust outer materials may be a little heavier, but ensure maximum durability when climbing, hiking and trekking.

For use as everyday wear, leisurewear and as a waterproof cycling jacket, the “regular” variant of Gore-Tex is sure to fit the bill. Gore-Tex waterproof jackets that are not in the “active” or “pro” categories offer an excellent combination of low weight and high stability. Combined with weatherproof Gore-Tex shoes and waterproof Gore-Tex trousers, they provide perfect protection against rain, and not just for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

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