Warm, waterproof and weatherproof - Gore-Tex winter jackets

Gore-Tex Winter Jacket

Winter jackets with a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane combine reliable weather protection with comfortable thermal insulation. As a result, the high-performance membrane by Gore is not only used in special clothing for winter sports and alpinists, but also in winter clothing for everyday wear and leisurewear. When cold and wet weather meet in the autumn and winter, warm Gore-Tex jackets provide optimum protection against cold, wind, rain and snow.

Gore-Tex winter jackets are equipped with a microporous membrane that prevents water from penetrating the exterior while letting water vapour escape from the inside out. This way, Gore-Tex winter jackets for men, women and kids keep you comfortably dry and guarantee superior comfort.

Insulated winter jackets with down or synthetic fibre

Padded synthetic fibre such as PrimaLoft, or high-quality goose down ensure comfort and warmth in Gore-Tex down jackets and Gore-Tex winter jackets. In exceptionally warm jackets, clothing brands like to use down as it offers excellent thermal properties at a very low weight.

Sporty Gore-Tex ski jackets or Gore-Tex snowboard jackets are equipped with robust and durable insulation in synthetic materials by companies like Burton. The padded synthetic fibre can be highly refined and strategically placed for maximum effect. As a result, the insulation in sporty winter jackets is perfectly designed to meet the needs of skiers and snowboarders.

Warm Gore-Tex jackets for outdoor sports and everyday wear

The functional membrane guarantees optimum weather protection. The design, features and functional details of Gore-Tex winter jackets vary depending on the recommended use. Ski jackets are often equipped with a hood designed to fit a helmet, an integrated ankle snow gaiter and practical pockets. A Gore-Tex coat for everyday wear, on the other hand, is less suitable for winter sports but offers protection against cold wind, snow and wet in everyday wintry conditions.

Whether it's a coat, jacket or trousers - thanks to welded seams and a high-quality finish, all Gore-Tex textiles offer the best possible protection against wet weather, snow and rain.

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