Ski boots

Ski Boots

Matching ski boots are essential for fun on and off the slopes. There is many different variants for a variety of uses. As its outer shell is usually made of hard plastic or protective material and so can not be later adapted to the foot, they must fit from the start. Manufacturers such Dynafit, La Sportiva, Scarpa and Black Diamond manufacture various models for the piste as well as for ski touring and off-piste descents. All these models have one thing in common, they are lightweight and have a high level of stability. In the ski touring field especially, designing shoes which fulfil these criteria is a real challenge for manufacturers. Here it is important to find an optimal balance between weight and stiffness, which is not easy.

Technical details

The soles of the ski boots are made so that the binding triggers reliably in the event of a fall. It is an integral part of the safety concept. It's especially important to consider the fit of the shoe, because this has a huge impact on comfort. A distinction is generally made between soft boots and hard boots. The former are more comfortable, whilst the latter offer optimal power transfer to the ski and the edges, so are more suitable for precise maneuvers.

The closure

The locking system of ski boots determines the weight and the rigidity or stability of a ski boot. In general, mitten closures or buckles are used. These closures are chosen because of their stability and durability and ensure a very efficient transfer of power. Buckles made of wire and robust plastic can be closed tightly and adapt to the foot, so that the pressure is always on the edges.

Ski Boots

Different uses

Boots for women are rather narrow cut while ski boots for men have a wider footbed. The foot width ultimately decides how closely the shoe fits on the foot. Not to be forgotten is of course also the thermal output of the ski boot. As they will be used on snow and ice, they are very well insulated. Ski boots are available for both ski tours as well as for use in a ski resort. The former are very light and have mechanisms that make walking easier, but the second are primarily designed for performance.

Possible combinations

Ski boots function as a system with other equipment. For example, ski socks ensure that the pressure of the plastic boot is evenly distributed on the foot. Ski pants are often designed so that their gaiterstightly close around the boots to keep snow out. This feature is essential, especially in ski boots for kids, because little ones often throw snow around and their pants would otherwise be in danger of filling up with snow. A high boot edge is also important for this reason. Inlays provide the necessary comfort for the sole and there are even heated designs for extremely cold temperatures.

The shoe must fit

Ski boots are worn all day and once purchased should last for several years. But in order to make sure you can enjoy them, they have to fit well. Therefore, some manufacturers offer thermoformable shoes, which are fitted to an individual's feet with a special process. One thing is certain: Long lasting fun with well fitting shoes!

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