Enjoying nature with a good outdoor gilet

Outdoor Gilets

When it gets colder in autumn or spring is still rather cool the time is just right for high-end outdoor vests! A good outdoor vest keeps your upper body warm and provides a greater range of motion than a usual outdoor jacket due to the bare arms. Many outdoor vests provide a high thermal output and are a great substitute for outdoor jackets but also as a supplement to these. That way, an outdoor gilet can be worn as an extra insulation layer underneath a jacket.

The agony of choice - which outdoor vest for which occasion?

There is a great variety of outdoor vests on offer but that is no reason to tear your hair out. First off, you should know what an outdoor vest should provide you with and for which activity you would like to use it before buying one. That way, you will make the right choice in the blink of an eye!

An outdoor gilet should be durable in the first place but it should also be comfortable to wear despite its functionality. But before anything, outdoor gilets should keep you warm, be breathable and windproof at best.

If autumn comes, a fleece gilet is your best choice. They keep your body warm, are lightweight, have a small pack size and are mostly pretty low-priced. They dry extremely fast and transport moisture away from the body. Fleece gilets can also be worn as an additional warming layer underneath your outdoor jacket.

If it is stormy outside, you should go for a softshell vest. Due to its windproof membrane you are perfectly protected and you get the necessary breathability. The ideal outdoor gilet for when cold winds disturb you while climbing.

At lower temperatures lined vests are recommended. Due to the modern PrimaLoft synthetic fiber lining you are provided with perfect insulation. These kinds of outdoor vests can get wet without the lining getting sticking together and losing its warming ability - as it happens with downs.

However, when it gets freezing cold you can not beat the down vest. An outdoor vest lined with downs provides you by far with the best thermal output and thus keeps you especially warm. That way, freezing weather can not bother you.

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