Good things come in small packages: Kids' outdoor backpacks

Walking Backpack for Kids

Forest kindergarten, school hiking trips, holidays at the lake. There is a wide range of special kids' backpacks for outdoor fun, so that your youngster is always well equipped when out and about. Find out below what you should consider when buying a kids' backpack.

Choosing the correct size for junior backpacks

Backpacks for youngsters range from 4 liters to 40 liters in size. Unlike when choosing a backpack for an adult, the intended use is not the only factor to consider. Because children are still growing, the bones (spine, hips) should not be overburdened with oversized backpacks. Besides, not all backs are big enough for a large trekking backpack.
Entry-level models (4-6 liters) are ideal for the very young. More often than not, kids will need their own backpack by the time they start kindergarten. Roughly speaking, the backpack volume should correspond to the child's age: Kids under the age of three shouldn't carry a backpack! And once a child starts carrying a backpack, the load should be minimal. No more than a few light toys, some food or a sweater.
Medium-sized backpacks (7-10 liters) are ideal for primary school children. These backpacks are big enough to carry everything a child needs for a short walk or school trip. But you still need to make sure your child isn't carrying too much weight. Children who take a little longer to grow should stick with a smaller children's backpack a little longer. The back length of the pack must be less than the back length of the child!
Larger kids' backpacks are about the same size as touring backpacks for adults. With a volume of 11 to 20 liters, they have sufficient space for all of the equipment needed for a full-day hike. These backpacks are ideal for budding climbers and keen young cyclists.
Youngsters (starting secondary school) can get their hands on fully-fledged touring backpacks. With a volume of 30 to 40 liters, these backpacks have enough space for all of your youngster's outdoor clothing and their sleeping bag. This type of kids' backpack is also suitable for smaller women because of the short back length.

Features of backpacks for children

The features of a kids' backpack depends on the size and the age of the child it is designed for.
Backpacks for the littlest little ones usually come with a cute stuffed animal, making it easier to recognize the backpack amongst a whole heap of others at kindergarten. In addition, the pocket partitions are simple and practical. Some backpacks have special mesh pockets for a water bottles and a transparent front pocket for a name tag. Cute little details like a whistle, magnifying glass or a removable seat cushion (for wet ground!) complete the package.
Larger kids' backpacks deliver on the features front as well. You can expect features like a pole carry, lid compartments and well-padded hip belts to distribute the load.
Almost all models include a generous amount of reflectors for increased visibility on the roads.

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