Arctic expedition sleeping bags - sweet dreams on big tours

Expedition Sleeping Bags

When it comes to expedition gear, mountaineers and outdoor specialists have the highest demands. No basic equipment is complete without a high-quality polar sleeping bag; usually not a blanket sleeping bag, but a well-insulated mummy sleeping bag. The sleeping bag model is chosen depending on the travel time and destination. High altitudes and extreme cold call for winter sleeping bags or 4-season sleeping bags.

Arctic sleeping bags are also called Himalaya sleeping bags. Besides being used on the world's highest mountains, these particular sleeping bags are also popular for tours in polar regions, deserts and places far away from civilization. Aside from pack size and weight, the most important aspect to consider is the temperature range recommended by the manufacturer. Renowned manufacturers like Yeti, Mammut or Exped offer expedition sleeping backs for various temperature ranges and destinations.

Lightweight down or waterproof synthetic fibre

Actually, the choice between a down sleeping bag and a synthetic sleeping bag is not quite as simple. However, expedition sleeping bags made of down do tend to be lighter and have a smaller pack size, while those made of synthetic fibre are indeed less sensitive to moisture and dry faster.

An excellent combination of both properties is provided by down sleeping bags that come with a water-repellent outer material and a lining from hydrophobic down. Treated to prevent the downs from absorbing moisture, the lining keeps its insulation ability at all times. The quality of downs is measured in cuin, which indicates the down's fill power, thus providing a comparable value to evaluate the insulation capacity.

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