Neck warmers and tube scarves for outdoor athletes

In cool and windy weather, many hikers and cyclists protect themselves with a functional scarf, such as the very popular tube scarf. The so-called buff scarf is not only available from the company Buff in countless colours and patterns, but also from Icebreaker, Ortovox and many other brands.

Compared to the classic cowboy scarf made of cotton or long women's scarves made of wool or silk, sporty buff scarves are made of functional stretch fabric, functional fabric, microfleece or blended fabric with Merino wool. The practical tubular shape allows it to be worn in many different variations, offering the best fit and a comfortable feel.

Tube scarves as a neck scarf, headscarf, headband or hairband

A classic buff scarf is much more than just a simple scarf. Depending on how the tubular scarf is worn, it serves as mouth protection, as sun protection on the head and neck, as a warm liner under a climbing helmet or cycling helmet, as an elastic headband, hair band or face mask.

Depending on the design and model, tube scarves can be made of thicker material, such as fleece. These models are great for icy temperatures, skiing, winter hiking and snowshoeing. Quick-drying buffs made of polyester and elastane ensure high breathability, dry quickly and are particularly light. With tube scarves made from Merino wool, athletes benefit from the temperature-regulating and odour-inhibiting properties of the high-quality natural fibre.

From plain to colourfully printed - neck warmers for everyone

Tube scarves are not only available in different materials. The range of neck warmers extends from simple monochrome designs to colourful prints with a wide variety of patterns. Of course, there are also special neck warmers for women, men and kids that are customised in sizes, colours and prints. Kids in particular love the comfortable and versatile buff scarves, which sit securely on their necks and won't slip or get lost even when running and playing.

Most tube scarves can be conveniently washed with the rest of the laundry in the washing machine or by hand. As the scarf is usually worn directly on the body, regular washing is recommended for hygienic reasons. So that you don't have to miss out on the familiar comfort of your tube scarf while it is in the wash, it is always advisable to have a second or third buff scarf in your luggage as a spare.

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